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A Magical Day: Capturing Timeless Moments at Hotel Cashel Palace

Recently, our brand @prettybowtique embarked on a magical photoshoot, at the stunning Hotel Cashel Palace in Co Tipperary. Our goal was simple yet heartfelt – to capture the fleeting moments and cherished memories of our little ladies on their most treasured days, whether it be a First Holy Communion or the grace of being a flower girl. Against the majestic backdrop of Cashel, County Tipperary, our journey unfolded at the Main House Suite with a breathtaking view of the Rock of Cashel became the stage upon which our magical photoshoot would unfold.


At the helm of our visual storytelling was Daven Casey, a candid and creative photographer with the ability to capture magic within a frame. Daven's lens became the wand that transformed moments into timeless memories for @prettybowtique. His distinctive style aligned seamlessly with our brand, ensuring that every photograph told a captivating story.

Capturing Moments and Memories:

The essence of our photoshoot was to freeze time, capturing the genuine emotions and memories of our little ladies on their special days. From the intricate details of First Holy Communion attire to the grace of flower girls, Daven Casey's lens painted a vivid picture of innocence, joy, and celebration. Each photograph became a treasure trove of memories, preserving the magic of those fleeting moments.

Comfort in Every Click:

One of the highlights of our day was Daven's unparalleled ability to make our young models feel comfortable in front of the camera. His approach created an environment where authenticity thrived, allowing the personalities of our little models to shine through. Laughter, joy, and genuine expressions became the hallmark of our photoshoot.

Dressed in Magic:

On this enchanting day, we were joined by two exceptional dress brands – My Dress Bridal and Darcy Bow. Both brands offered a stunning array of First Holy Communion and flower girl dresses, adding an extra layer of elegance and charm to our photoshoot. The collaboration enhanced the visual narrative, showcasing the beauty and diversity of dresses for these special occasions.

Communion Headband


The photoshoot at Hotel Cashel Palace was not just a visual endeavor; it was a magical journey into the hearts of our little ladies and the treasured moments that define @prettybowtique. The fusion of a captivating venue, skilled photography by Daven Casey, and the exquisite dresses from My Dress Bridal and Darcy Bow resulted in a collection of photographs that tell a timeless story. As we look back on this extraordinary experience, it is evident that the magic created that day will be cherished.

I do hope you love the pictures as much a i do.

Samantha x

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