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Three Flower Rose Headband

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Colour: Soft Pink

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Three rose flower headband- these beautiful flower headbands are available in a range of colours.

Designed with the utmost care for your baby or toddler's delicate needs, our headbands are adorned with the softest bands that offer a gentle touch against their precious skin. The bands are thoughtfully designed to stretch and grow with your little lady, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit as she embarks on new adventures.

From first smiles to playful escapades, our headbands are there to accompany her every step of the way. The adjustable nature of the bands guarantees that your child will enjoy them for years to come, as they remain irresistibly soft against her skin.

These charming accessories cater to all ages, from tiny tots to blossoming youngsters. Their timeless appeal and adaptability make them the perfect choice for any occasion.

Available in a stunning spectrum of nine captivating colors, you can select the hue that best complements your little one's personality and outfit. Each headband is sold individually, allowing you to mix and match for a personalized touch.

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