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White Rose Flower Headband

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Introducing our enchanting White Rose Flower Headband.

This headband features a delicate cluster of flowers, including an edged rose flower and two dainty rose buds, all set upon a bed of lush green leaves. Measuring at 1.5 inches in size, this petite yet captivating arrangement captures the essence of delicate blossoms.

 It's fitted onto a super soft headband, specially designed for babies and toddlers. Our commitment to comfort ensures that your little one will enjoy the gentle touch of the softest band, which stretches and grows with her as she blossoms. This headband promises to stay luxuriously soft against her delicate skin, providing an experience that's as comfortable as it is stylish.

With a one-size-fits-all approach, this headband is suitable for all ages, from infants to toddlers. As your little lady continues to explore the world, this headband will remain a constant companion, adapting to her growth and maintaining its softness.

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